A Brief History of Sikhs in Queensland

There has been a Sikh community living in Queensland for well over 100 years. When Australian farms were first growing, much forest was required to be cleared for cattle, dairy and sugarcane farming. There was therefore a need for hard-working labourers. In 1895 a small number of Punjabis started to arrive in North Queensland. The family of Gian Singh Bains, Baba Ram Singh (the forefather of Roger Atwal), Johal family from Jandiala andothers arrived before 1900. Baba Ram Singh lived in the Nambour area for a while, where he and some of his friends would meet and get together in the farming sheds. At that time they had little Gutkas with them, and would hold GurpurbBhog ceremonies on long weekends at the farming sheds. In these times while Asians were allowed to live and work in Queensland, whilethe policy of theNew South Wales government was very hard on Asians. For this reason, some people used to cross the border at night time.

The size of the Sikh Sangat in Brisbane soon started to increase, and steadily grew for well over fifty years. The religious congregation started to be held in 1981.

Prior to the proper arrangement of the monthly congregation at a rented hall in Wooloongabba in 1982, Sikh families use to get together at Camp hill.

At the regular fort-nightly congregation at Wooloongabba, families would bring the Langar from home and the KarahParsaad was prepared at the venue. After the Parkaash of Guru Granth Sahib, Japujee Sahib was read, followed by the ardaas ceremony before the congregation was finally served langar. There was no arrangement of Kirtan until 1984.

The first seven committee members were elected with a mutual understanding in 1984.

The process to buy the land for the Gurdwara Sahib was started in 1988. The foundation stone was laid by PanjPiaraas on the Baisakhi day of 1988 and the congregation finally moved to the fully constructed site at 2679 Logan Road in December 1988.

The first Granthi served from 1986 till his death in 1993.

Between 2005 and 2009, with the arrival of an even larger Punjabi community, the population of Sikhs in Brisbanegrew immensely. There was a need of a North side Gurudwara for the North side Sikh community.

Therefore last year when the North side Sikh Community decided to build a new SikhTemple, they gathered together and had many meetings. The North Side Sikhs started to hold Singh Sabha Gurudwara at Banyo Library Hall every fortnight. So in near future, the Singh Sabha Gurudwara building will come into existence in North Brisbane. They have already organised the cultural and sports wings in the 23rd Sikh Games. In 2011 they bought 2.5 Acres of land  for $1.3 million in Taigum and started using the existing building as Gurdwara. In 2012 development approval was obtained to construct the new Gurdwara at a cost of more than $6 million. At present road work is in progress and tender is out for the construction of the new Gurdwara.

The Brisbane Sikh Community bought theInd-oz Sikh Community & Cultural centre in Inala in December 2009. The Sikhs spiritual society also holds a monthly congregation in Clayfield. There is also a considerable Sikh community in Cairns and surrounding areas. There are two Gurdwaras in Cairns and one in Innisfail. There is also small Sikh community in Townsville and they have also purchased a building to convert it to Gurdwara. There is also scattered population of Sikhs in regional area.

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Today we are about more than 1000 members of Punjabi Cultural Association of Queensland and more than 18000 Punjabi students in the state supporters of association.

They always feel at home, when they learn there is Punjabi Cultural Association to provide them the basic help of any kind they need.

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PCAQ is a non-profit organization located in Sunnybank, Queensland which seeks to encourage Punjabis & Punjabi culture in the Australia.

PCAQ also helps the new immigrants and students from India that how to integrate into Australian culture and expectations, can enjoy peaceful and progressive environment.

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